Going On The Account: Oh What A Beautiful Morning…

I mentioned late Monday here about the radio appearance on “Hour of the Wolf” on WBAI

…I think I did; I’m going on fumes at this point, gimme a sec-

…oh yeah, I did…

Well,  I enjoyed the chance to do this.  I have to thank Jim Freund for having me on in the very early part of this morning, from three to six bells on the overnight watch, hence the fumes.  I had a chance to talk a little about my background, and gave “Act Naturally” a reading to a large audience.

They say we are our own worst critic; they also warn us that pride hath a fall.

All said, though, I think it went pretty well.

Of course, you don’t have to just take my word for it; you can hear for yourself at your leisure right now…

[EDIT:  Yes, the link above is dead; only just found this out very recently.  However, see my blog post from February 10th of 2014]

As for me, if any wolves show up at this hour, have them leave a number and I’ll get back to them when I’m more coherent slumble quabaki dru…

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