Going On The Account: Pulling Into Port

And sometimes, the ship you’re looking for comes in to where you are…

Over the weekend, I referred someone to a post where I linked to my first appearance on Hour of the Wolf.  I was proud of that stand, especially as it was the first time I shared with a wide audience my reading of “Act Naturally,” a story that with the 50th anniversary of both DOCTOR WHO and Beatlemania upon us seemed especially resonant these days.

To my embarrassment, however, WBAI purged the archives of the piece.  Which is their right, especially in these days where bandwidth is so precious and the ability to provide online traffic becoming as valuable as an air pocket in a sinking boat, so I get that.

Well, I did get that, after a string of blue curses, apologies to the person I was trying to refer the piece to, and a few jiggers of rum to try and treat my depression.  Rum’s good for a lot of things, but it tends to lack in the treating of depression induced by first world problems…

Still, better I was collected come the end of the weekend, when I wrote Jim Freund, host of Hour of the Wolf to see what consolation he could offer.  Least he could do, I figured, was explain the station’s policy and keep me from feeling like this was personal.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a prima dona that way…

And to my surprise, he forwarded me the download of the show, making it resident right here for all time*:

*Offer not valid in the event of FCC losing net neutrality battle, EMP-pulse (man-made or natural) frying the World Wide Web, any major act of force majeure, or general hosting issues arising between me and WordPress

My thanks to Jim for forwarding the file and allowing me to host it here.

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