Going On The Account: Hear Ye, Hear Me!

Has anyone here ever said to themselves, “I want to hear the guy who wrote Raging Gail and Red Jenny give a reading,” but due to time and geography didn’t get the chance?


That comes to what, three of you…?


I’m happy to say that if you fit this demo, you’re in luck tomorrow night:

I am scheduled to be a guess on “Hour of the Wolf” which will be broadcast on WBAI FM, 99.5 on the dial.  And if you live more than 75 miles outside of New York, you can live stream their signal.


The show’s scheduled to be on at 0130 (1:30 AM) on Thursday, October 17th.  Which means the further away from New York you are, the more convenient the time the show goes on.

And if you can’t catch it live, the program is archived for a limited time, which means you can listen to it soon afterwards at a time of your choosing.

I’ll be reading some of my stuff on air and sharing some insights with host Jim Freund, trying not to come across as a total ass in the process.  Which it may be too late to hope for, but we’ll try…

Hope you get a chance to catch this one!

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