A Table of Contents Parts 081 through 122

Part the Eighty First: A Change Is Made Aboard Ship

         Sanders calls for the crew to gather to discuss the Charity situation; before the meeting Abigail tells Hope that Charity is now staying with them in their cabin


Part the Eighty Second: Remembrance and Regrets

         Hope discusses her aunt, who died after surviving the plague; a crisis comes to a head when Charity comes on deck


Part the Eighty Third: The Gale Takes On Water

         Hope and Charity must work together to keep the Raging Gale from taking on water and sinking


Part the Eighty Fourth: The End of the Venture?

         The Gale stays afloat, but the leak is so bad that the crew considers disbanding after they make repairs and take liberty in Tortuga


Part the Eighty Fifth: Hope and Charity

         Hope is prevented from wallowing in self-pity by Charity’s insistence on small talk


Part the Eighty Sixth: Abigail Charts a Course

         Hope and Charity watch Abigail plot a course, discussing her rudder and special chart


Part the Eighty Seventh: L’carte Dans Votre Tête

         Abigail reveals her chart to Hope and Charity, the meticulous amount of data she keeps in her head that makes her dead reckonings remarkable for her time


Part the Eighty Eighth: Charity Provides for Hope

         Before the Raging Gale sees Tortuga, Charity learns that Hope is made ill by the loss of stores forcing the crew to rely on sea turtle soup and rumbullion; she wishes that she could make Hope feel better at an opportune time


Part the Eighty Ninth: The Brigantine Prize Is Stalked

         Sanders readies the Gale for an assault on another brigantine, deciding to use deception to gain an advantage over her


Part the Ninetieth: Hope Goes Below Decks

         Hope is sent below decks by Sanders as part of the deception she is using against he brigantine; Hope’s first trip to the crew cabin threatens to overwhelm her with the smell


Part the Ninety First: The Musician Earns Her Keep

         Below deck, trying to keep the crew in good spirits as they await the battle above them, Hope relies on Lord Willoughby to keep the men focused, even as the Raging Gale comes under fire


Part the Ninety Second: The Song Before the Hatch Blows Open

         Despite coming under fire, Hope continues to rally the crew of the Raging Gale before the fight comes to them


Part the Ninety Third: The Battle on the Deck

         Hope faces an armed opponent, who Charity saves her from; Hope also faces Abigail’s approval of Charity’s fighting spirit


Part the Ninety Fourth: Se Agarra El Brigantine

         The Spanish prize is seized, and the crew of the Gale once again hears the name of De Colera as they seize his treasure


Part the Ninety Fifth: The Loss of a Member

         Hope watches Akua’s surgery to cauterize his limb after he lost his hand to a cannonball


Part the Ninety Sixty: Charity Admires Abigail

         Charity and Hope are alone as Abigail gets a heading by the stars; Charity talks about what she thinks of Abigail and lets Hope in on a secret


Part the Ninety Seventh: Charity’s Other Secrets Revealed

         Charity lets Hope know her “preferences,” as well as her attraction to Hope


Part the Ninety Eighth: Hope Reveals Herself to Charity

         Hope tells Charity that she cannot return her affections in the same way, and lets out her own lack of experience to her


Part the Ninety Ninth: Her Father’s Sins

         Hope reveals how her family’s Cavalier sympathies led to her isolation and lack of experience with the world, although Hope realizes as she considers her past that she need not be bound by it


Part the One Hundredth: The Fluttering of the Veil

         Hope finally declares after one last consideration that she is not able to have such a relationship with Charity, just in time before Abigail enters the room


Part the One Hundred First: Coming Ashore

         The Raging Gale is careened at Tortuga, with everyone having a laugh at Hope’s expense


Part the One Hundred Second: Hope Hits the Beach

         Hope takes a rest after the Gale is careened, during which Zoutman strikes up a conversation


Part the One Hundred Third: Remembering the Conflict

         Zoutman gives his war stories from his time sailing during the Anglo-Dutch War; Hope considers what to do during shore leave as she’s not speaking to Charity and may not be able to stay with Abigail


Part the One Hundred Fourth: An Account for Liberty

         Sanders announces to the crew that each man has a fair share of treasure available with which to take liberty while the Raging Gale is being repaired


Part the One Hundred Fifth: The Blue Dolphin

         Hope and Zoutman walk into Cayonne and get ready to receive their shares, just as Charity comes by the tavern to claim a small fortune; Hope avoids Charity at this time


Part the One Hundred Sixth: Hope Grabs Her Booty

         Hope does not spend long going over in her mind what she thinks of Charity before she gets her take of the treasure the Gale had gotten so far


Part the One Hundred Seventh: Hope Is Adrift In Port

         After Hope gets her booty, Zoutman abandons her for a strumpet, leaving her alone while at liberty


Part the One Hundred Eighth: Hope Spies a Piece of Her Treasure

         Hope gets to the market at Cayonne and is offered for sale a piece of jewelry, one of the pieces she had been sailing to Carolina with before the Gale seized her


Part the One Hundred Ninth: The Offended Captian

         Hope goes up against Francois L’Olonnais and lives to tell the tale


Part the One Hundred Tenth: Hope Is In Hot Water

         Hope takes a bath at the Blue Dolphin, where during the bath she has a conversation with Elise the strumpet


Part the One Hundred Eleventh: Elise’s Tale

         Elise gives her story of how she came from a convent to the New World


Part the One Hundred Twelfth: Elise Comes to Tortuga

         Elise finishes her tale from the mutiny onwards, and says something to Hope that disturbs her


Part the One Hundred Thirteenth: Hope Reflects in the Market

         As Hope considers buying a looking glass, she observes Andrews (and maybe Charity) spying on her


Part the One Hundred Fourteenth: The Brawl

         Hope accidentally causes a brawl


Part the One Hundred Fifteenth: Hope in the Melee

         Hope flees the brawl, but does not get out before getting hit, making her easy prey for an assault


Part the One Hundred Sixteenth: Hope’s Prepared for Boarding

         Andrews gets ready to assault Hope, despite her best efforts to get away from him


Part the One Hundred Seventeenth: A Rescue Comes In Time

         Before Andrews can have his filthy way with Hope, Charity comes upon them, killing him and removing Hope from the scene


Part the One Hundred Eighteenth: Hope on the Beach

         Hope collapses in the surf after fleeing Andrews’ murder, being comforted by Charity as she wishes to return to England


Part the One Hundred Nineteenth: Hope Has a Crisis of Faith

         Hope’s fears get the better of her as she wishes to return to England, while Charity tries to convince her to reconsider as she takes advantage of her vulnerability…


Part the One Hundred Twentieth: Charity’s Longings

         Hope rebuffs Charity, who expresses how she will die if she cannot be released from her longings for Hope; Hope makes efforts to try and satiate her, but finds she cannot


Part the One Hundred Twenty First: Hope Helps Charity Find Release

         Hours later, Hope comes upon a way to uphold her honor and help Charity find release from her carnal desires at the same time…


Part the One Hundred Twenty Second: Abigail Recounts Her Adventure

         At dawn, Hope meets Abigail, who tells her about how she got intel from one of Governor D’Ogeron’s men with a game of strip knucklebones…

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