A Table of Contents Parts 201 through 230

Part the Part the Two Hundred First: Back From the Sea

–         Hope regains her wits under water and struggles to survive

Part the Two Hundred Second:  With Faculties Returned, Though Little Else at Hand

–         Hope takes stock, now that the Raging Gale has sunk, leaving her surrounded by sharks…

Part the Two Hundred Third:  Setting A New Course

–         Hope finds some flotsam and sets off away from the sharks

Part the Two Hundred Fourth:  Storm Tossed

–         Hope encounters a storm, forcing her to make a break for it

Part the Two Hundred Fifth: The Lady Nereid

–         Hope is pulled from the sea by the Constance, captained by a man who makes quick erroneous decisions

Part the Two Hundred Sixth: The Salmagundi Incident

–         Hope gets a meal from the captain of the Constance, Robert Willis, and comes up with a cover as she sails for Port Royal

Part the Two Hundred Seventh: Ashore But Not At Liberty

–         Hope sails into Port Royal, but cannot shake Willis once they get there

Part the Two Hundred Eighth: The Desperate Search for a Mitzvah

–         Hope makes a desperate gamble when trying to shake Willis in Port Royal, which pays off thanks to some fortuitous surprising luck…

Part the Two Hundred Ninth: Ande Ay Amor, Ay Dolor

–         Hope is reunited with Samuel, and lets her feeling get the better of her…

Part the Two Hundred Tenth: The Troublesome Account

–         Hope tells Samuel and one of his business associates about the fate of the Gale; their reaction is not pleasant…

Part the Two Hundred Eleventh: The Recipient of Charity

–         Hope is put up at an inn by Samuel; no sooner does he leave before things start to happen…

Part the Two Hundred Twelfth: Sighted and Boarded

–         Hope discovers that Charity is alive and in the inn where she’s being billeted, and from the start there’s nothing but trouble…

Part the Two Hundred Thirteenth: Going Sailing No More

–         Charity relays the last moments of the Raging Gale as the Casa claims her

Part the Two Hundred Fourteenth: The Desperate Passage

–         Charity mentions the dangers facing Osei, Goddard and her after they survived the Gale’s sinking

Part the Two Hundred Fifteenth: The Night of the Spectacular

–         Hope goes to bed after telling her tale, and starts to have a vivid personal dream about Samuel that starts to go awry…

Part the Two Hundred Sixteenth: Taking Up Arms

–         Hope confronts Charity over what she’s doing in bed with her, but ends up taking a surprising action in the end…

Part the Two Hundred Seventeenth: Adrift in Port

–         Hope has a moment alone while Charity fetches Osei and Goddard, during which she’s acousted by a drunk and finds a familiar face in an unpleasant situation…

Part the Two Hundred Eighteenth: The Golden Prize

–         Hope overhears John of Mersey’s account of meeting de Colera, and how the Spaniard presented his captive Abigail as a trophy…

Part the Two Hundred Nineteenth: Breaking Bars in a Piece

–         Hope, angry and depressed at discovering Abigail’s fate, shares her pain with the drunk, who surprises her

Part the Two Hundred Twentieth: Sander’s Golden Treasure

–         Hope gets her answers from John of Mersey, and a few from her companion, who surprises her with how much he already knows about her…

Part the Two Hundred Twenty First: The Parley is Convened

–         Hope’s closest companions find her, inebriated after her attempt to out-drink a drunk

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Second: Taking a Heading

–         Hope starts to share what she knows by telling her companions what she feels, and what she wants to do…

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Third: The Case for Her Course

–         Hope explains why they must rescue Abigail, using any means possible to persuade her mates…

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Fourth: Coming on Station

–         Four days later, Osei’s recruiting drive for Abigail’s rescue bears results as Hope meets the new fellowship

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Fifth: On Course, Then Off

–         The rest of the crew are introduced to Hope, right before a major snag in the plan comes up…

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Sixth: On the Rocks

–         Samuel’s inability to secure a ship almost scuttles Abigail’s rescue, until a plan comes from an unlikely source…

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Seventh:  Preparing To Be Boarded

–         Charity’s plan starts to be executed, with Hope and Charity as ladies of the night enticing the skeleton crew of the Swallow

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Eighth: A Jug of Wine, and Thou

–         Hope and Charity are ‘seduced’ by the crew of the Swallow, though Hope’s thoughts are preoccupied by the ship itself

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Ninth: To Take and Seize Her!

–         Hope plays the part of harlot as best she can, right up to that fateful moment…

Part the Two Hundred Thirtieth:  The Failed Appeals

–         Samuel stays aboard the sloop with the rest of the crew, as they consider changing the name of the Swallow

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