A Table of Contents Parts 039 through 080

Part the Thirty Ninth: Hope Has a Fantasy

         Hope starts to wear breeches and has a surprisingly good time composing a piece


Part the Fortieth: Hope’s Fantasy Is Seized and Boarded

         Hope composes a second piece, accidentally writing The Deceived Maid which Andrews sings the lyrics to


Part the Forty First: Hope Gains Abigail’s Confidence

         Hope has a brief confidence with Abigail and a moment of joy before a prize is cited


Part the Forty Second: The Gale’s Prey Fights

         The Raging Gale swoops down on a French merchantman, which decided to turn and fight


Part the Forty Third: The Anger of the Gale!

         The Raging Gale responds to the French merchant with a broadside


Part the Forty Fourth: The French Are Boarded

         The Raging Gale peppers the French with grapeshot before boarding her; Hope is enticed by Abigail before the pirates board


Part the Forty Fifth: The French Murder Hole

         The French resist, killing Mangin; Sanders sets up a bomb against the cabin


Part the Forty Sixth: The Bomb and the Sea Artist

         The improvised bomb blows open the captain’s quarters; Sanders takes the charts to study them and Osei explains to Hope Abigail’s value as a navigator


Part the Forty Seventh: The Youths in the Hold

         The crew find and are held off by Akua Marcel and Charles


Part the Forty Eighth: The French Bilge

         ‘Charles’ gives up the location of the silver hidden by the French in their bilge, which gives her and Akua the right to join the Gale’s crew


Part the Forty Ninth: Hope Has Reason to Smile

         Charles is being introduced to the rest of the Gale’s crew, and Hope is obviously happy to have him aboard


Part the Fiftieth: Charles Meets the Captain

         Charles encounters Abigail, who takes an instant dislike to the new crewman for reasons Hope cannot fathom


Part the Fifty First: Hope Stands Up to the Captain

         Alone in the captain’s cabin, Hope asks Abigail why she treated Charles badly, and blurts out that she has feelings for him


Part the Fifty Second: The Captain Lays Down the Law

         Abigail, unwilling to share with Hope her concerns about Charles directly, uses the discipline issue to try to get her to forget him, with no apparent result


Part the Fifty Third: Hope Plays for Charles

         Hope makes a pass at Charles through her music, defying Abigail and making Andrews jealous


Part the Fifty Fourth: Hope Walks the Decks

         Hope heads to the head, considering her feelings for Charles and whether it’s worth standing up to Abigail to get what she wants


Part the Fifty Fifth: The Carpenter Considers the Crew

         Hope finds Folard using the privy hole, and in conversation finds out more about Akua and Charles in a brief moment before Hope spots a sail


Part the Fifty Sixth: Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter

         The sail Hope spots is chased, and Abigail threatens the crew that breaks running silent with kissing the gunner’s daughter; this leads to conversation between Hope and Charles where both of them are in danger of saying too much to each other


Part the Fifty Seventh: The Pinnace Claims Its Prize

         At daybreak, the pinnace the Gale chased has slowed to intercept a sloop; Abigail considers a plan for taking both ships at once


Part the Fifty Eighth: The Gale Is In Irons

         The Gale runs into the wind (“in irons”) as it waits for the right moment to swoop down on the pinnace in battle with the sloop


Part the Fifty Ninth: The Force of the Gale

         The Gale surprises the ships in combat, and with sprayed shot turns an ugly battle aboard the sloop into a massacre


Part the Sixtieth: The Gale Faces the Pinnace

         The Gale battles the pinnace, taking some damage before suppressing her foe


Part the Sixty First: A Surgeon Is Pressed

         Marcus Samuels, a surgeon out of Boston and the sole survivor of the pinnace Suzanne, becomes a crew member of the Raging Gale


Part the Sixty Second: The Sacking of the Sloop

         The Gale turns to the sloop Santa Cecelia and discovers treasures aboard her from China


Part the Sixty Third: The Musician is Wooed

         Charles boldly offers a trinket to Hope, who accepts despite the potential animosity such an act causes


Part the Sixty Fourth: Charles Comes Up Between Hope and Abigail

         Abigail tries to discuss Charles with Hope, with disastrous effects


Part the Sixty Fifth: Hope Runs to Charles

         Hope and Abigail’s conflict comes to a head, with Abigail walking out on Hope, who goes out on deck and encounters Charles, where she gives in to her feeling for him


Part the Sixty Sixth: Hope Faces Her Temptation

         Hope’s lust for Charles nearly claims her, but she stops and uses the encounter to get him to pledge to her that there will not be a mutiny


Part the Sixty Seventh: The Crew Holds Counsel

         Abigail gives the crew an assessment of their situation in the face of losing the jib sail, and the crew decides to continue to look for prizes off the coast of Florida


Part the Sixty Eighth: Going Off the Account

         The crew of the Gale considers whether now would be a good time to take extended shore leave before they spot another prize


Part the Sixty Ninth: The Gale Goes For An Easy Prize

         The Gale closes in on a ship that gives no fight or flight, and Abigail assumes that things are going way too well, forcing her to take precautions


Part the Seventieth: The Trap Is Sprung!

         The galleon proves to be a trap ship, and the Gale takes casualties from incoming fire


Part the Seventy First: Fury and Fear

         A lucky shot destroys the galleon set to trap the Gale, just as the second ship coming to finish them off show up: the Casa del Sol


Part the Seventy Second: Deliver Us From Evil

         Hope asks Samuels for a prayer to save them from the Casa, and for that there is divine intervention that allows the Gale to slip away (almost)


Part the Seventy Third: Charles is No More

         The Casa gets a lucky shot which hits Charles that in turn leads Samuels to examine the wounds and discover her secret


Part the Seventy Fourth: Abigail Shares Her Insight

         With ‘Charles’ in the captain’s cabin after fleeing the Casa, Hope discovers that Abigail knew from the start that ‘Charles’ was not at all the man she claimed to be, hence her reaction to ‘him’


Part the Seventy Fifth: Sink in the Drink

         Abigail points out to Hope how the flirtation between she and ‘Charles’ could have led to her being tossed from the crew; as she considers this as well as what might have happened had she pursued her feelings, Hope takes heavily of her rumbullion


Part the Seventy Sixth: Abigail’s Abandoned Plan

         Abigail notes that had she the chance, she would have sent ‘Charles’ away on her own before she was revealed; with that option denied them now, she and Hope get ready to find out more about ‘Charles’


Part the Seventy Seventh: Charity Is Introduced

         Abigail and Hope begin their interrogation, getting from their stowaway her name: Charity Forgèt


Part the Seventy Eighth: The Farmer Goes to Sea

         Charity relays her story, from her beginning as a Norman farmer’s daughter to her escape to sea


Part the Seventy Ninth: Sunk By the Drink

         Charity concludes her tale, and explains why she came on so strongly to Hope, who regurgitates her rumbullion as Charity’s tale ends


Part the Eightieth: Hope Tries to Carry On

         Hope considers how she can get over her shock the way the rest of the crew carry on when a man is lost

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