A Table of Contents Parts 001 through 038

TABLE OF CONTENTS Parts 01 through 38

Part the First: The White Skull and Rose on the Red Field

 – In 1665, the Raging Gale interrupts Hope Harvey’s voyage to Carolina as it pirates her ship


Part the Second: The Rigging Comes Crashing Down

 – The Raging Gale brings down the rigging when Hope’s ship refuses to strike colors, and Captain Sanders comes aboard


Part the Third: The Woman Claims a Prize

 – Captain Sanders decides to kidnap Hope; Hope is introduced to Osei, her quartermaster and right hand man


Part the Forth: Hope Sails On Aboard the Raging Gale

 – The Raging Gale shoves off, starting the voyage


Part the Fifth: The Captain Examines Her Prize

 – Hope finds out from Captain Sanders that her family has a month to come up with the ransom, or else


Part the Sixth: Hope is Plundered

 – Captain Sanders supervises the radical pairing down of Hope’s clothes, throwing the excess overboard


Part the Seventh: Hope is Revealed to the Pirates

 – Hope plays the cittern for Captain Sanders and has the choice of being the musician or working the decks


Part the Eight: Hope Decides Her Fate

 – Hope tries to refuse Captain Sanders, but gives in to her wishes when confronted with starvation and possibly being cast overboard


Part the Ninth: Music is Made on Board

         Hope starts performing for the crew, and encounters a critic


Part the Tenth: A Pirate’s Life for Thee

   Hope takes a break from the music, and Captain Sanders tells her about some of the appeal of piracy


Part the Eleventh: A Different Singing Rings Out

 – After a few days at sea, the Gail comes on another vessel, and decides to attack


Part the Twelfth: The Gale Strikes a Ship

 – The Gale readies for the attack, and the Dutch vessel puts up a fight


Part the Thirteenth: The Contested Boarding

 – The Gale fires grape shot at her prey, softening them up for the boarding


Part the Fourteenth: The Surge Upon the Deck

 – Hope finds herself in the boarding party with carnage filling the air and blood drenching her dress


Part the Fifteenth: The Captain Meets an Opponent

 – The boarding of the Dutch flyut goes quickly, with great violence and harsh action by Captain Sanders


Part the Sixteenth: Hope is Tempted with Articles

 – Hope discovers that musicians are a position covered by the Shipboard Articles, and demands to know more about these


Part the Seventeenth:  Hope Asks the Captain

 – Hope asks questions about being a pirate captain, and Captain Sanders starts to tell her story


Part the Eighteenth:  Captain Sanders Recalls Her Beginnings

 – Sanders starts telling her origins to Hope, how as a little girl she started to learn all about sailing


Part the Nineteenth:  Captain Sanders Recalls Edwin

 – Sanders continues, discussing the man she loved who helped get her aboard a ship dressed as a man


Part the Twentieth:  Captain Sanders Exposes Herself

 – Sanders continues her origin, discussing her training and the fateful trip where her secret was revealed


Part the Twenty First: A Victory Arises From a Tragedy

 – Sanders’ origin tale finishes, with her captaincy secured, while Hope uncovers another secret


Part the Twenty Second: Hope Considers Her Options

 – Hope considers whether to go on the account, in contrast to returning to her family


Part the Twenty Third: Hope Submits to Be Saved

 – Hope agrees to the articles of Sanders’ ship and starts to read the code of the sea


Part the Twenty Fourth: Hope Sees the Depths of Damnation

 – Hope continues to read the articles and discovers how harsh a pirate’s life can be


Part the Twenty Fifth: Hope Goes On the Account

 – Hope finishes reading the articles, then swears to them and joins Sanders’ crew


Part the Twenty Sixth: A Galleon Is Spotted

         Two days later, the Raging Gail spots a galleon to go after


Part the Twenty Seventh: The Galleon is Seized

         The galleon the Raging Gale was after surrenders, and the pirates seize their treasure


Part the Twenty Eighth: The Coming of the Casa

         The Raging Gale is interrupted by the arrival of her nemesis, the Casa del Sol


Part the Twenty Ninth: The Casa del Sol

         The Casa del Sol forces the Raging Gale to leave her prize and make a run for it


Part the Thirtieth: Running Before the Casa

         The Casa del Sol bears down on the Raging Gale and threatens to seize her


Part the Thirty First: Hope Plays For Her Life

         Osei commands Hope to play a cadence rhythm to save the ship


Part the Thirty Second: From On The Run, Into The Drink

         The Raging Gale escapes the Casa and Hope has too much rum


Part the Thirty Third: Hope’ Violent Storm

         Hope suffers a hangover and asks for water, to which she finds the Gale is going to supply at the Cay


Part the Thirty Fourth: A Good Omen

         On the way to the Cay, a dolphin races the Gale and Collins tells Hope he was a Roundhead


Part the Thirty Fifth: Sailing Into the Cay

         The Raging Gale enters the Cay without incident


Part the Thirty Sixth: The Preparations for Going Ashore

         Hope is asked by Sanders to join her foraging party; Hope tries to get out of it but Andrews’ unwanted advances makes her go ashore with her captain


Part the Thirty Seventh: Hope is Tempted by Sanders

         Hope and Sanders talk during the shore leave and Sanders gives Hope a challenge


Part the Thirty Eighth: Hope and the Coconut

         Hope takes up the challenge and surprises Sanders; Hope starts to see Sanders in a new light


All content Copyright © 2008 James Ryan

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