Other Appearances

This will be updated as new projects come online:

Gabba Gabba Hey: An anthology of fiction inspired by the music of The Ramones by [Chris McVeigh, Brenda Perlin]

I have a story in the anthology Gabba Gabba Hey entitled “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.” The call for this one was for stories inspired by songs of the Ramones, with the title of the story drawn from one of their songs. The song that inspired me came off the album Rocket to Russia, and manages to discuss how impermanent everything is… or supposed to be…

REBEAT Magazine

Most of my time from 2014 to 2019 was spent at REBEAT Magazine, where I covered a lot of topics from obits to history pieces. The bulk of my work there was the weekly column “Fantasia Obscura,” which covered the genre films (SF/F/H) that were released during the historical period the magazine covered, mid-twentieth century up to 1980. I had fond memories of working there, and encourage you to enjoy all the works that everyone contributed to the magazine over the years.

Press Appearances and Presentations

In addition to my writing, I have also made appearances in the following places:

In January of 2021, pulling together research I made for the character Samuel de Cadiz in Raging Gail, I gave a presentation online about Jewish pirates, which was posted to YouTube soon after:

In September of 2020, I was a guest on Ethan Alexanian’s Fans on the Run podcast, discussing how the Beatles influenced my writing:

In 2014, I was a guest on Hour of the Wolf, Jim Freund’s sci-fi talk show, which was a lovely discussion that concluded with my doing a reading of the story “Act Naturally,” which I describe in Alt Together Now. The blogpost where I embedded the show can be accessed by clicking on the show’s logo, below:

In 2012, I was interviewed by Susan Rocan, author of Withershins and Spirit Quest, for her author blog. The interview can be read by clicking here: