Going On The Account: Blogtober – “…but she doesn’t have a lot to say…”




cking believe that I called “Game Over” on this Blogtober schtick a whole f’n’ day early.  Should’a done this damn day-a-thing-thing back in February…

All right, gotta do one more bit, huh…?  How about…

[Sung to the tune of the Beatles’ accidental anticlimax from Abbey Road]:

This blogging is a pretty sweet gig

If you really have something to say

This blogging is a pretty sweet gig

Even though it doesn’t pay

It really makes you push your writing skills

Whether you want to praise or whine

This blogging is a pretty sweet gig

I think I find it really fine, oh yeah,

I think I find it really fine





And if you are reading the hidden text here, let me first congratulate you for looking for it and finding the “hidden tracks” in this piece.  Three gets you five it’s probably showing up plainly in the subscriber feed; if that’s how you’re seeing this, go, take a look at how this looks on the page.  I’m kinda proud of how it turned out…

Let me reiterate what I said yesterday, a bit more sincerely.  While I kid Jen and Speaker7 for prompting this stunt, I think it had more positives than not.  I hadn’t been doing this much content to this many deadlines since my college journalism days, and the practice did me a lot of good.  I found a few strengths I didn’t know I had, and found a few weaknesses that need to be addressed.  Anyone that helps you find your abilities and tests them, that’s worth something.  If either of you are in my town some time, do look me up; I need to stand you both a few rounds.

I also need to stand for a few rounds Susan Rocan, whose observations during the run were always appreciated, and whose example was inspirational.  She did this before I did, and with a lot more grace than I showed during the course of the run.

I need to thank all the other readers who dropped on by, and hopefully liked some of what I did.  

I need to thank all the historical, referential and news sites that were linked to in The Pirates of New York.  As I said, this is a popular history, so it is rather casual, but I may have more modest plans for the collected work than what I joked about yesterday; when I know more, I’ll share it with you…

And of course my family, Susan and James.  I love you both very much.  There wasn’t quite as much strife as I went on about yesterday, but they did show a lot of patience as I concentrated on this.  The good news is, I think going through this exercise of writing under the gun, with all of us under foot of each other, made me a bit more distraction-proof.

Not that much, but enough that we can work around each other more easily than we could at the beginning of the month.

Again, thanks for coming along this far; hope to keep seeing you all as we plot a further course…

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