Going On The Account: Setting To Sea With Her

Some women can’t catch a break no matter what.  Thankfully their authors are often there to provide them with considerable overwhelming defense…


An item first reported at Corey Doctrow’s Boing Boing and picked up by a few other outlets concerns a “fan” letter received by Scott Lynch regarding his novel Red Seas Under Red Skies which featured the character Zamira Drakasha, a pirate leader who happens to be female, dark skinned, forty one years of age and the mother of two.  Apparently Lynch got an earful about this character, whom the questioner challenged for being a woman, as well as being “an unrealistic stereotype of political correctness” and a whole host of other  comments that, I am sorry to say, there is just not enough spin in the world to make any of these comments come across with any good intentions whatsoever.


Scott Lynch’s reply via Livejournal, I will warn you, uses language that would make a sailor take pause.  Though to be frank, had  I received a letter like he had, I would have given the son of a bitch the “blunderbuss from six inches” level of response as well.  It’s one of the nastier take down defenses any writer’s done in some while, and delivered with the same fury you’d expect any crew to give their mates if they were under attack.


If nothing else, having such a story coming across the bow was endearing, in that at least there’s another woman of note flying against all flags out there.  And Doctrow made a pitch for the following as part of his piece:


Not sure if I would have benefited or not from having this back when I was plotting Abigail’s journeys, but it might be something to add to the wish list; there’s still six more nights of Hanukkah, as well as Christmas and a birthday come January…

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