Going On The Account: Blogtober – And That’s A Wrap!

And here we are, the end of Blogtober!

[SFX: Throngs of cheering crowds]

Yes, our long international nightmare is over, and with this last piece the Internet will once again be safe for cat pictures, silly GIFs and wacko political rants delivered in half-sentences.  I’m going back to somewhere a bit east of San Clemente, and you won’t have Jim Ryan to kick around anymore.

Until the inevitable sequel, probably with a “II” after the title, or if I go old school a “Son Of” at the front…

[SFX: Maniacal laughter]

Or I could just say “Screw it all!” and just commission a spin-off.  I could collect The Pirates of New York and do something with that all by itself.

In fact, I have my people contacting Marty‘s people right now; it’s right up his alley, all that history thing he did, and some of the ancient stuff he just did might put him in the mood for some more.  We can even get Bobby De Niro to play Bill Tyron; I’m sure given a chance, he’d love to take another crack at doing a pirate, only this time without coming up with…

And hey, I bet you that Geena Davis could be up for Sadie the Goat.  Yeah, I know, the last time didn’t work out so good, but y’know, you never know, y’know…?

Speaking of working out good, my thanks for the inspiration from Sips of Jen and Tonic and Speaker7.  Yeah, I took the dare, I made the effort, and I got to the end of the month.

Sure, I did piss off the Lovely and Talented Susan with a lot of snarling as I insisted on staying up late to churn out content, but I think it was worth it, some days.  And yeah, my son just looks at me with contempt because I told him I was too busy to hear him go on about some things at school and in his life, but hey, teenagers, they get over it, right?

So what’s a little strain on the family for the sake of Internet bragging rights, am I right?

And I did it with only a few photos to fill in the content, and one old poem.  Count your blessings, because had the month gone on another day, I’d have had to get back in touch with the dark arts practiced during my filking days.

For those who wonder about filking, let’s put it this way: Remember when Mad used to do alternate song lyrics?  When they would take a tune you kinda knew and put up a goofy set of words for it?

Yeah, that; ’nuff said…

So here I am, with so much stuff out there with all these posts that I could keep an entire PR firm busy doing spin for years to clean all at up.  I regret none of it (yet), and there’s a (small) portion of it that I’m rather proud of.  Like I said, I may do The Pirates of New York in another venue; hey, Julie Taymor may have gotten over her last project enough that this might be just the thing for her…

I’m having another rum and coke as I sit back with pride at having made it through is.  If Nietzsche was right, after this month I should damn well be immortal…

I recommend doing this, if you haven’t given it a try yet.  I can recommend a site that did this last month, mywithershins, that shows us all how it’s done.  The meeting of all these deadlines, one right after the other, does wonders for your discipline, and forces you to find creativity that you didn’t know you had.  And if you find yourself under the gun, you better find that creativity, sucker!

And so, I hope you will forgive me the sin of pride as I raise (yet another) glass to myself, thankful at having gotten through all twenty nine days of Blogtober; if anyone is going to pat you on the back for mak-

[SFX: sudden gag reflex]

Whata-  wait a sec…  Twenty nine days?

Twenty NINE?

Oh for the love of…  What, how the hell did I lose a day here?  I still got one more of these to do?  Of all the damnab

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