Going On The Account: Just Wind In Sails

Remember how a couple of days ago, I wanted to kick myself for not having made more of the potential for our dark future to be even darker because the electrical grid couldn’t be sustained in the face of droughts?  Well, it’s time to take a harder look now that we have a working example of this thanks to the Indian blackouts.  Of particular notice is this tidbit suggested in this piece:

Theories for the extraordinarily extensive blackout across much of northern India included excessive demands placed on the grid from certain regions, due in part to low monsoon rains that forced farmers to pump more water to their fields…

Oh yeah, time to reconsider a few assumptions…


Mind you, maybe I could talk my way through it with some BS-based salvation; yeah, maybe make like everyone listened to Thomas Dolby’s advice…


Oh don’t look at me like that!  Besides, I write about people on the seas aboard rigged vessels, so of course I’m going to suggest that…

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  1. So far here in the north, our hydro dams are still functioning, despite diminished precipitation this season, but wind power is fast becoming more popular with windmills seen sweeping across the prairies. 🙂

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