Going On The Account: What, Me Worried…? Um, Kinda…

Well, I have to admit, as I put together the notes for the current book, I was willing to imagine that I could have not considered everything as I looked at that time our children would know better.  Apparently, the idea of droughts leading directly to blackouts as Michael Webber points out in the NY TIMES fits in that category; there may be time to throw that in as things get even messier for Jenny…


Speaking of pirate messes, apparently the bulk of the action is now heading west, as attacks are down off Somalia but up around Nigeria.  Considering the similarities between the two theaters, in terms of instability ashore amid rampant poverty, there’s plenty to worry about; as the main difference between the two is that Nigeria is a member of OPEC, I’m damn near deep in insomnia…

Not a bad idea, that; got to get some sleep.  Suffering for your art is so pre-housing bubble…

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One response to “Going On The Account: What, Me Worried…? Um, Kinda…

  1. Just another reason (besides restricted finances) to NOT take a cruise along the West African coastline! lol

    Thanks for the info.

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