Going On The Account: Write Away

So what am I reading to avoid doing any work tonight?

Well, for starters, there’s John Self’s piece from The Guardian about how individual fans can kick up a writer’s profile (recommended to me by Nathan Bransford’s blog).  It seems simple enough, going guerrilla to word of mouth your payload into as many ears as possible, then hope for it to translate into sales.


In my case, the current read I’d be doing this for would be Rob Reid’s Year Zero, a book with a Douglas Adams-esque eye on the way Big Music tries to fight pirates, suggesting a very funny sounding doom if we aren’t careful about how we apply USC: Title 17.  If our existence ever did depend on a copyright lawyer with the same name as a Backstreet Boy, at least we’d be able to laugh about it as the end came…




And when I’m not reading, I’m watching the short film Tangled Tales – Mr. Write.  This was forwarded to me by the Lovely and Talented Susan, who is a big inspiration for me; that said, I’m thinking that tonight, I sleep with one eye open…

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