Going On The Account: Really Got to Get Writing Now

Some of you are wondering if I’m still writing, since I don’t have  serialized long form commitment to feed.

Those of you who thought I wasn’t and decided to break out the good stuff to toast with, put the cork back in.  I ain’t gone yet here.

But I better hurry, now that someone’s developed a book-writing program for their computer that could give William S. Burroughs a run for the money.  Last thing I need is to be told that my job could be done for a lot cheaper by a computer…

…which may mean nothing if how much Paul Kemp and Michael Sullivan got paid for their fantasy works holds as the norm.  Yeah, there are businesses out there that might consider even these amounts to be an overhead that could be cut in the organization…

…but even if I never saw a dime directly from my work, just to get something more than two works for free out there; I’m especially thinking about it today, on another sad anniversary, another day that makes you ask if it had been you caught up at the Trade Center that moment, would what you did up to then have been enough, and was this enough…

…and if you can’t say yes, then it’s time to get to it.


Sorry, trying to fight maudlin with industrious; while life is always preferable to death, this may not be the best way to wage that struggle.

Lemme ask you all:  Given the need to buck up, how do you do it?  What do you do to snap out of it?

Really, let me know below, please…

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