Going On The Account: What I’d Like to Do on Thursday

Yes, I mean this Thursday, as in International Talk Like a Pirate Day on the 19th of September.


I mean, I have some idea of what I’m going to do, like offer Pirates of New York for free that day, which is one of a number of great promotions being offered that day.  There’s a few bars that are not exactly walking-in-a-crooked-line-home’s distance from me that are offering Piraat Ale, which I recently got introduced to, that if any of them were seriously looking at the day I would have loved to done readings for them as they offered the product, a sort of lit-and-drink event.


Unfortunately, the tone of a few of the announcements made by some of these bars suggested that the main remembrances over and above drinking involved dress-up, and suggested that if I wanted to get really involved I’d have to be attired thusly:


Yes, it’s gratuitous; it’s also for sale at the link when you click the pic…


Not having the, well, hull and masts for pulling this off, it looks like I can’t offer something educational that evening.

Though I will have another option, sort of the next best thing, which I will discuss that day, right here…

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