Going On The Account: No Reason To Panic, Yet…

If I seem a little grumpy and distant, it’s because I discovered some of my data went bu-bye.  Not a lot is missing from yet to be published parts of RED JENNY, nothing essential at least and mostly notes on how to polish things, but a few other projects and some bookmark files from my browser are now vaporware.  Careless stupidity is assumed to be the culprit, though authorities are not confirming anything at this time, for obvious reasons…


Sic transit notitiam…


I don’t see this crash having too much of a chance of screwing with the posting schedule, but better forewarned all said, just in case.  Maybe if the threat of being snowed in pans out, it might give me a chance to re-work some lost materials and get things back to where they had been.


Or I could break out the potables and sleep off the storm; hey, either way, it’s a plan…

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One response to “Going On The Account: No Reason To Panic, Yet…

  1. Don’t you just hate it when the computer does something so despicable? Good luck with it. 🙂

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