Going On The Account: Thanks For The Warnings!

Sometimes, a bit of information offered can be enlightening in ways the person providing it hadn’t realized.


Case in point:  Aaron Williams at Do Gooder Press (home of Nodwick, Full Frontal Nerdity, and PS 238) posted a set of links back on the 23rd which he found of interest and wanted to share with everyone.  One of these links he offered was from Edge.org, prompted largely by a poster on the site making reference to a T-shirt Aaron designed.


This is of course a perfectly good reason to offer a link; I’ve even tooted my horn from time to time, too.  Okay, a few times I’d toot like Dizzy Gillespie at Newport; there, ego mortate sum, already…

But back to the main point, which was the body of the refered-to post:  Edge.org’s annutal question, “What Should We Be Worried About?”  As it so happens, the contributors has a lot to worry about; some of them covered the same ground in their shared worries, though it was hardly monotonous when two contributors would run in panic from express their common concerns about a  phenomenon.

And there were quite a few issues brought up.  All those concerns; all those troubles to be wary of…

All those writing prompts…

Oh, yeah; if we look at inspiration as a commodity, this page was the Comstock Load of  “a-ha!” moments for me.  There’s a lot of good material here to work with and to start on a few pieces, some bits that may be worth a few good executables if I don’t get lazy and I actually run with these like the 49ers ground game.



And if they do actually lead to some paying markets off of these, then I need to reach out to Aaron and offer him a large unit of whatever consumables he’d be interested in; hey, it’s the least I could do…

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