Going On The Account: Coming To Take Me Away, Take Me Today…

Well, if you ever wanted to hear me discuss the craft and some of my past work, now’s the chance.  Especially as that Borders signing I dreamed about holding ain’t gonna happen…

This Saturday, March 24th,  I will be a guest on a panel at the Fest for Beatles Fans, in Seacaucus, NJ, to discuss some of my past work for the  webzine Rooftop Sessions.  I’ll be on according to the program at 9:15 PM in the Crystal Ballroom.  If there’s time and the panel indulges, I might be able to discuss some of my other work, though the first topic will be why I got an invitation to make a reservation, which I discussed earlier on here.


Mind you, there’s plenty else going on all weekend otherwise, so if listening to me ain’t at the top of the agenda, there’s enough good reasons to come to the event at

NJ Crowne Plaza

Meadowlands Hilton

2 Harmon Plaza

Secaucus, NJ   07094


If you do come, hope to see you there.

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