Going on the Account: Action Aboard the Tabar

Word this morning is that the Indian navy engaged a pirate “mother ship.”  The obvious news here is, of course, that action is heating up in the area, and that we’re probably going to have a few more such engagements to read about.


A less obvious story, however, is in the description of the vessel the INS Tabar sortied with.  The more you consider their target, a mobile base from which launches can venture further out, the easier it is to understand how the MV Sirius Star was taken. 


Also of note was mention of how much activity has increased off the east African coast.  The ICC’s live piracy map shows so many incidents there that the borders of all the actions atop each other look like the black spot Billy Bones receives in TREASURE ISLAND.


Relying on larger vessels for bigger prizes, drawing more fire, crossing the line at taking cargoes considered too valuable to possess (oil and tanks); this may not be a good time to go on the account in Somalia.  The matter is escalating faster than the pirates may want, and like pirates at all times in the past building on your success can lead to disaster.

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