Going on the Account: Thus It Is Written…

Interesting piece in the TIMES today about MIT’s Center for Future Storytelling.  Apparently there’s panic among the deep thinkers in Hollywood (he said with a straight face) about film’s ability to tell a story.


What struck me hard from the article, over and above all the other amazing indignities, was the claim that Peter Guber was blaming the audience “for the perceived breakdown in narrative quality.”


Lemme see if I got this right…  We have a system that goes to the marketing department to come up with themes and general scenarios for a project, which then is assembled mainly through packaged deals that a talent agent reps into place as opposed to seeking qualified talent, with the tie-ins to the flick via Hasbro and McDonalds crafted with more care than is put into blocking any and every scene in the film, with revisions to the project  before final cut based on a test screening in front of teens at some suburban mall near Los Angeles…  And somehow it’s our fault?!?


John Boorman has the titular character in the intro to his film ZARDOZ ask, “Is God in showbusiness too?”  The article Guber’s comments appear in certainly does test one’s faith…

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