Part 247

Part the Two Hundred Forty Seventh: Preparing to Be Boarded

Hope didn’t give herself enough time to consider what she did next.

The thought didn’t hit her suddenly; it stood beside her tapping its foot the whole time she wore Samuel on deck, but no clock could measure the short span between her recognizing the thought and acting upon it.

Her finger stayed pressed on his lips, moving them where she wanted them before she traded one engagement for another…

Her lips locking with his was not enough this time, her tongue on his teeth was not an end in and of itself.  She pulled herself closer to him, wrapping one of her legs around his as she grabbed his shirt to draw him in.  The foot she stood on she gave a slight twist, putting Samuel’s back up against the cabin and putting him where she wanted him.

She came up briefly for air, took a deep gasp and went for him again.  She used her free hand to take his wrist and put his fingers to where they could do the most good, hoping that just by being there they would be encouraged to do what she hoped they would…

Briefly, it seemed things went as she wished, each brush an excitement.  But they lessened, taking longer between brushes, each absence making her more anxious…

She came up and asked, “Well?”

He looked at her the surprise of a sailor caught in a sudden squall.  “Hope, que?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” she said before she started to kiss him again.

He edged away, pleading, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Oh yes, yes.  And right now, I want this.”

“But- Do you really know what you’re doing?  Look at us!”

“I like what I see,” she said more in a moan.

“Thank- no, no! I mean, where we’re from.  We’re different.”

“In all the right ways.”

“No,” said Samuel.  “In a big way.  We can’t, ever.”

“What’s stopping you from having me?  I’m not.”

“No, the Torah, your church, the laws of every kingdom, they all say we can’t.”

Hope paused briefly, letting go for a second before she flung him against the cabin and pressed against him to ask, “If we could otherwise, would you take me?”

The pause before he answered almost killed her before he responded.

En un momento, if God had been just to give us the same faith, we would have long ago done this before now.”

He brushed her cheek, running his hand over her face.

She fought bitterly the urge to cry and turned away.

“If I could find some way to, I would never say no to you when you asked.”

She looked up, then used the shrouds to get atop the gunwale and looked over the edge.

“Oh, please, don’t do this.  There’s no reason your passion should drive you to this desperate act.”

She said nothing as she looked out.

“Hope, no seas tonto!  Come down from there now and stop this!”



“Sail.  SAIL!” she called out.  “SAIL!  Who was on watch?  Mullins?”

“Here to port,” he replied.  “What see ye?”

“Sails at full off amidships starboard.  Raise the alarm, she rigged quickly and she’s closing fast!”

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