Going On The Account: From the Bottom, And Over the Top

Yeah, it’s been a pretty dead summer; part of the reason The Pirates of New York took so long to leave drydock was a whole host of mundane distractions that just piled up on each other, so getting that put out cut into some other projected project time,and the dominoes, they just didn’t stay up…

So, getting my time back in line, putting a few things in order and all that.  No more time for excuses here, which means when things happen they best be noted sooner rather than later.

Like another effort to find the HMS Hussar being underway.  You may remember we talked about her before, and now that some of the local shore line has been altered by Sandy last year, there’s a chance she may have been exposed when the silt shifted.  The chances are a long shot, as over the course of 200 years (which can be unforgiving to wooden hulls under the East River) the number of vessels that could have come to rest there is high enough that the ship found might have had some other treasure that came through much later, like Canadian hooch avoiding Treasury agents or was the sister ship for overflow from the barge Mobro, either of which are worth note just for historical purposes…



And speaking of coming later, when I was doing the last work I had thought the Northeast Passage was still a few years off from seeing much regular traffic.  Right now, the container ship Yong Sheng is taking this route, and expected to make Rotterdam in five days as of this post.  Which means I might actually get to visit that tiki bar on Baffin Island I envisaged for the sequel…

Assuming that I get to it, which depends on a few factors, such as encouragement.  Yeah, yeah, here’s where you usually hear the “poor-artist-needs-some-stroking-of-the-ego” pitch.  Just my ego, I promise, nothing more…

Although a few other signs might be available to me soon, he said cryptically…

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