Going On The Account: Not Letting Go

So as I try to get myself jazzed for what comes now, as the last project has seen its official end*, I found something that relates to the old work:  an assessment of different cities’ plans for the inevitable inundation to come.  In a nutshell:

Rotterdam:  Imagine Venice with pot cafes…

Venice:  Hey, the whole ruins motif worked for Rome, so why not…?

London:  And if these barriers don’t work, there’s always Oxford upstream…

Miami:  Oh yeah, we’re screwed, but hey, we’re Miami, we can make this work for us…

New York:  Yeah, we got a plan, youse got a problem with that?  Huh?

Bangladesh:  We had problems before we had this sheit to deal with…

Maldives:  What, you didn’t know we had a problem looming?  What kind of colonial bastard are you?

Bangkok:  Yeah, like you really care about us…

Cuba:  As if you ever thought about us…

Mbeere:  As if you ever heard about us…

Proof that yes, the novel may end, but the issues may go on well after the “-30-” date…


* Mind you, as I say “end,” there’s a few things that nag at the back of my mind, among them:

– Where mothers who abandon their daughters can go in a post-climate-changed America

– How readily a big enough launch can navigate the waters among the islands of Nunavut

– How much global cooling we can see from potential nuclear strikes that hit the Russian and the Chinese industrial centers

– What a post climate-challenged Caribbean might look like when the word gets too hot, and then suddenly too cold

– How much hate mail I’m going to get from teasing you all this badly and blatantly…

(Here’s where we see who really reads this and who just casually checks in…)

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  1. How about a Jenny & the Pirates of Buffalo Book II? There’s a lot more for her to do! 🙂

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