Going On The Account: Getting A Little Crowded On The Outside

So while I was procrastinating taking a little break from putting this finishing touches on the end of the novel, I did some catching up on the news, in particular looking for items other than where all our attention has been since Monday afternoon.

On which, I’m not sure I could say anything half as inspiring and relevant as what Patton Oswalt wrote on Facebook.  I’d taken a long walk a few hours after the event and came away from that to the same place he did, but found he’d gotten his thoughts down before I had, and quite eloquently as well; I can’t add anything to this, and recommend you take a few moments to read this.  (And for those who may have problems seeing this through the House of Zuck for some reason, here’s a reprint of Oswalt’s post.)  I can wait for a few while you get yourself centered.

So back to the distractions…  I’ve talked a few times before about pulling together self-pub e-book editions of the works so far, with the thought of joining plenty of other writers who have taken this route.

Which as of now include both David Mamet and Diana Gabaldon.  If big names like these are now going this route, it does sort of justify heading that way, as well as scare you when you realize who you’re now trying to share virtual shelf space with…

Like I really need to feel scared about something else; more to the point, like I really need a distraction right now…

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