Going On The Account: A Shore Thing…

My thanks to Robert Gonzalez at io9.com who found two sites, one with stills and one with GIFs (from which the above comes), with renderings by Nickolay Lamm of what some sections of the East Coast would look like after inundation from a 25-foot rise in sea levels.

For those keeping track at home, the (soon-to-be-finished) novel assumes sea level rises like that occur during surges, with the normal now being about fourteen feet. Of course, with the frequency of such storms likely to rise in the future, the number of days you can visit these places and see water levels like these is probably going to increase every year…

Also of note, and it’s a minor quibble, but if the ocean’s coming in and covering your structures, they are not going to keep their picture postcard good looks after a while; a few months into a changed coastline, and the extra water and currents working your base is going to leave your monuments looking less like this and more like…


(All right, not so accurate either, but hey, demonstrative needs and all…)

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