Going On The Account: Visual Aids

Hey, no one said I can’t put up pieces that are not part of the Blogtober madness…


Just wanted to offer the following multimedia piece published in today’s NEW YORK TIMES online edition, showing the effects of sea level rises on a selection of American cities.  This does a great job of detailing on interactive maps what we can expect in a time our children will know better…


Y’know, maybe we should look again at those listings in southern Ontario…




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2 responses to “Going On The Account: Visual Aids

  1. Like I’ve said before, The Prairies might be better, since we’re in the centre of the country with little chance the rising ocean waters will bother us here. Besides, house are much cheaper here than Ontario. 🙂

  2. I keep hearing that, yes, although I might miss the comfort of a large body of water nearby. Call me a creature of habit, I guess…

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