Going On The Account: Blogtober – What Are We Thankful For?

This is the twenty second day of Blogtober, which this year coincides with Thanksgiving Day in the US.

It’s a  time for family to get together, air their grievances, eat and drink too much, and pretend not to care about who the Lions and Cowboys are playing.

It’s a time we go on about the traditions the Pilgrims brought about, even though our Thanksgiving owes more to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt than it does Miles Standish.

It’s a time that came about in remembrance of Union victories in the American Civil War, which makes me wonder how many self-conscious folks in the Deep South might be having problems eating a deep fried turkey today.

It’s a time when people who complain about their traditions and customs being impinged upon have nothing to say about a New York tradition being rebranded as the “Macy’s Day Parade,” because apparently a company wanting your money taking over your holiday is somehow better than others trying not to be exclusive.

It’s a time when some families will have members having to leave early to report for their retail jobs tonight for employers who forget what “holiday” means.

It’s a time when some families are so messed up that a few members wish they had jobs they had to show up at 5 PM for that night.

It’s a time some folks wish they had jobs, period.

It’s a time when some households will be thankful for how things are, while some insist everyone at the table signs their secession petition.

It’s a time we complain about the pain of going through this day, the travel, the cooking, the relatives we have to sit with, and yet we do it every year.

It’s a time when no matter how much we bitch about it, when we are at the table and can say a few words, we find that yes, we have at least something to be thankful for.

And if you find yourself at this time without anything to be thankful for, you’re in my thoughts and have my wishes for better times to come your way soon.

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