Going On The Account: Blogtober – The One That Got Away

This is the seventeenth day of Blogtober, where we express to excess with daily posts filled with words of wisdom.

Although today, we’re going visual…

A few months ago, I got a tablet device with a camera, which opened up a few options.  You’ve probably seen some of the results in some earlier posts (mainly here, here, and the two shots from yesterday’s tomorrow’s entry in the popular history mini-saga), and there’s a very good chance that there will be more posts with pics in the future.

I’ll probably talk about the tablet itself in a later post; hey, I have a few days of Blogtober that need to be filled…

I’m probably living proof of the old adage:  Give a man a picture, he has a memory; teach a man to shoot a camera, he becomes an annoying shutterbug…

As a result, I find something interesting, and I have the device with me, I take a second to frame the shot and take it.  Yes, I am in danger of getting as annoying as Andy Warhol and his damned Polaroids

And yet, with every shot I take, I think about the one moment before I got the device that I wish I had shot:

It’s a dreary morning, the light’s low, and it’s a cafe with outdoor tables.  There’s a person sitting at one of the tables, someone who’s BMI is a bit on the high side.  This person’s eating something from this place, and does not seem to be enjoying it.  In the window of the cafe, you can clearly see the NYC Department of Heath Letter Grade on the same plane as this person’s face, the bright green of the ‘B’ grade the only real color in the shot…

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  As that last description I gave was only a paltry 87, it probably wasn’t much of a picture, all said…

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