Going On The Account: Wait, It’s What? Gimme A Sec…

So how come no one told me today was National Flash Fiction Day?

Seriously, who’s responsible for this?  Where was the press, the PR campaign? Why didn’t Hallmark release a card that I could send someone…?

I heard about it with barely enough time, and took a few seconds to put this together:


In A Flash

She got sickened when her brain processed what was under his coat.

He’d stepped out from behind two cars, a brown blur that changed color and shape before she could process putting one foot before the other.  She stood there in horror as she realized what she was seeing, then turned to run, irrational instinct taking over before she could think.

The iron gates between the buildings on the block opened and she noticed a woman poking out her head.  When she motioned with her hand to come on in, she didn’t think, she just did.

“There’s a creep out there,” the startled woman said as she took shelter.  “He could be a maniac and try something worse.”

“I could imagine,” said the other woman as she closed the iron gate, adjusting the large sunglasses on her face.  “It’s not safe in this neighborhood, you know.”

“How do you mean?”

“Had you heard about the disappearances of all those young women the last few nights?”

“No,” said the victimized woman, “I heard nothing.”

“Ah.  Well, lucky then.  Good thing, I guess.  How are you feeling?”

“Better, thank you.”

“Yes, calmer I hope.  You’re welcome to stay here a while.”

“Thank you,” she replied, starting to smile…

…just as her host removed her sunglasses at the right time.

She stood there in horror as she realized what she was seeing, but could not turn to run, her smile stuck permanently to her face faster than she could think.

She put her glasses back on her face as the flasher came in through the open gates.  “Did I pick a good one, Mistress?” he asked her.

“Oh, she’s quite nice,” she replied.  “I think she’ll go well over in that corner of the garden.”

The man lifted the new statue to move it to its new spot as the secret gorgon admired some of her other recent petrified prizes…


Sure, it’s obvious, but I heard “flash fiction” and this was the first thing that came to mind.

OK, maybe not the first, but I didn’t want to tangle with either King Features Syndicate or DC Comics, so…

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One response to “Going On The Account: Wait, It’s What? Gimme A Sec…

  1. Thanks so much for this. Of course it counts! Shame you didn’t know until so late, but you are perfectly placed for next year, now!

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