Going on the Account: Better Late Than… Ah Hell…

Yeah, another year of bad planning on my part, another year of not doing anything special for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I swear, I do this day almost as badly as I do New Year’s Eve…


Hell, I barely had time to fire up Syd Meyer’s Pirates in order to watch the game display in pirate-speak.  I suppose I could reset the clock on my computer to get it to do that,but that’s like trying to set up your Christmas tree around Memorial Day.  And as likely to engage in acts crazed as I am, a character from HOLIDAY WARS I ain’t…


About the best I can do for what’s left of today is share a piece from WIRED.com about pirate phrases in Somali.  Yeah, as far as trying to keep the spirit of the day alive, waxaa na haysto mashaakil, big time…

My belated wishes for booty and smooth sailing to everyone, and hoping you at least had fun.

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