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Going On The Account: Signing Up for the Space Program

And here’s where the big announcement come in:

I mentioned before that I’m working on a new piece to go online, and I did throw in that I was giving readers the chance to name a character.

And here’s your chance, in return for you support of a good cause:  the PTA at  the High School of American Studies at Lehman College (the school where, full disclosure, my son is a student) is currently holding their fundraising auction for the year.  The online portion of the auction is open to the general public.  The money being raisedgoes to supporting the school and the students with both academic and extracurricular activities.  Wherever the New York City Board of Education comes up short, it’s the PTA’s task to keep things going, something lots of parents with kids in schools all over can relate to.

This year, a number of items have been donated that are well worth bidding on.  Tickets to sporting events, tickets to concerts and shows, profssionals who have volunteered their valuable time and services, all offered on behalf of supporting the school.


And, amid all these fine products are naming rights to a character in Log of the Ceres:

Naming Rights to a Character in an Upcoming Work of Fiction

Item Number  46

Item Description

 Winner will have the right to provide a name (their own, or the name of an immediate family member) for a character in an upcoming work of fiction that will go live online in 2014. Said character will have a substantial role in the upcoming online novella by James Ryan, The Log of the Ceres (tentative title), author of Raging Gail and Red Jenny And The Pirates Of Buffalo, equivalent to an extended walk-on role in an NYU Film School student project. Character will not be depicted in a degrading manner and behave classily, which may sound boring but assures that this person will live to see the end of the work.


Bidding for this is currently open (along with plenty of other items), and will be online through March 30th.  Even if being part of the novella is not your thing, there are plenty of other items there that are worth going for, and all your purchases will help support the school and the kids.

And who knows, if you did have an interest, as the Pet Shop Boys might point out:

I’ve got the slot

You’ve got the cash

Let’s make charity lit…

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