Going On The Account: A Year of Clear Seas

As of today, there has not been a successful attack by Somali pirates in a year.


Some claim it’s mainly the result of better anti-piracy measures.  Some claim it’s more so improvements on the ground in Somalia.


The truth is somewhere in the middle, and the story is by no means over as we’re one destabilized government/pull out of the theater by foreign warships away from a new wave of attacks.  For now, it’s a chance to rest.


For now…

Going On The Account: Misread Flags Atop the Mast

So, did you hear the one about the women who dressed up as pirates, thinking it’d be appropriate to attend a talk about pirates dressed as pirates?

None of whom realized that the speaker, Colin Darch, was there to talk about his time as a hostage of Somali pirates…?

Yeah, that kinda went down well…


Supposedly he took it in stride, the whole British stiff-upper-lip thing and all, and if the crew that came had attended a talk by someone without that direct experience to draw from, say a historian or writer as opposed to a hostage, this would not have been any kind of deal at all.

Mind you, one thing that allows pirates during all periods to function is gathered intel, which these women obviously didn’t have.  Which means if you dress like a pirate, you best be able to act like one too, even just a little…