Going On The Account: Reality Checked

So the last time I pitched Red Jenny, the person I was describing to said, “You mean, you really think climate change will make a war possible between the US and Canada?”

Had that happened after this post, I could have held up Syria as a case study in climate change geopolitics.

Which makes what may happen there soon all the more tragically ironic, as we’d be going back to the Middle East so soon because of oil, although not for oil.  If anything, we have less reason to go to war there to fight for new petroleum, and instead are looking at intervening thanks to our overusing this resource over the last few decades.

So no, I don’t think what I set up is all that far fetched; the consequences that thematically built the book did come and bite everyone’s asses pretty well.  Depending on how Syria plays out, I might look back and think I didn’t go far enough…