Part 66

Part the Sixty Sixth: Hope Faces Her Temptation
Hope lost herself in the kiss.  Every second she was close to Charles, for every part of her he touched, she felt three more react elsewhere.  The more she tingled as she kissed him, the more of her she wanted to tingle; the more parts of her that tingled, the more she wanted those parts to tingle.  Every second she felt something new in her body, she wanted to feel more of it.


And as she continued to feel the build up of excitement, Hope felt a need to feel more, to do more.  She felt a desire to scream, not for help but for the sake of screaming.  She felt parts of her getting so warm she wanted to remove her clothing to let them breathe.  She wanted… What she wanted she could not put in words, but some part of her that had not spoke up before made itself known.  Not in words but in images, images laced with feelings.  Feelings not ever felt or expressed before, but just knowing what should happen next… 

She stepped back almost as quickly as she lunged and stared into Charles’ eyes.”

Il y a un problème ??” Charles asked Hope. 

“I… I never kissed a man- I mean, I never…”

“Not ever?” Charles asked as he placed a hand against Hope’s face.  “You were willing to sacrifice your honor for the sake of your crew, no?  And offer yourself to me?”

Hope looked into Charles’ face, hoping that Abigail’s suspicions about him weren’t about to be proven right…

“I am honored.  For your willingness to do that, I am of course touched enough by you and your beauty to give my pledge to you.”

“On your honor?  Do I have your word?”

Charles smiled.  “You have my fidelity.”

Hope smiled, but quickly stopped.  “But we cannot do anything.”


“Aboard ship, if the others find out that you and I…”

“We can be very discreet in this matter,” said Charles softly, coming in closer but not touching Hope.  “We need never be more than just friends aboard ship, and wait until we are fully alone at the right time to be more.”

“I agree.  We must be careful, and not let anyone else know.”

“Consider me pledged to you, Hope.  Until next time, au revoir.”

Hope returned to the captain’s cabin.  She turned in quickly, keeping her face towards the bulkhead, wanting to avoid continuing the contentious conversation with her captain.

Hope made every effort to be asleep before Abigail came back.  As she nodded off to sleep, her tongue danced between her teeth every so often…

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