Part 15

Part the Fifteenth:  The Captain Meets an Opponent

Hope felt exposed between the pirates with whom she had boarded the flyut and the Dutch crew fighting them off.  At any second, a swinging sword or a fired musket would certainly strike her down, mixing her blood with that of the men who bled on and died around her.  Hope felt that this day, her corpse would be one more on the deck of this ship…

The Dutch defenders seemed to slow as they caught sight of Hope.  A look of puzzlement seemed to wipe across their faces as they noticed her.  Instinctively, she raised her hands to hide her modesty; despite her clothes she felt naked before these men.

From her left, Captain Sanders appeared.  The looks on the faces of the Dutch went from puzzlement to shock as they saw a second woman before them, this one dressed much like a man.  She allowed the Dutch all of a second to note her before she pointed to the man who commanded the Dutch muskets.

In what looked to Hope to be a series of poses with no movement between them, Captain Sanders reached for a sash tied to her body, and produced a flintlock pistol.  With her arm extended, she aimed at the man leading the defenders, and hit her mark true.  Before the Dutchman could do more than just bounce from the shock of taking a musket ball to the chest, Captain Sanders drew her sword and leapt forward.  The force with which she jumped fell behind the hilt, placing the sword into his gut halfway up the blade.

The look of fury on her face as she turned, growling like a peal of thunder coming over the water, pulling the blade from the corpse as she did, forced the Dutch guards to drop their weapons.  Two even tried to flee from her, but fell into the arms of the other pirates.  Dutch cries immediately came up from the hapless victims of the pirates as the crew dropped their weapons and surrendered.  Some of the Dutch gave up their arms fast enough that the enraged crew of the Raging Gale noticed, and their lives were spared the butchery that befell the slower men.  The cries of the pirates winning the day drowned out the pitiful pleas for mercy.

As the pirates went from killing to robbing, seizing anything they could from below, particularly anything valuable or edible, Captain Sanders came up to Hope.  The captain’s sex was more obvious now, as the blood of the Dutch captain had bathed her blouse and made it cling more closely to her body.  The look of fury was gone, but the smile Hope saw was no less comforting.

“Ye be a fighting musician, I see?” asked the captain.  “It be one thing to keep the crew happy at sea, but inspired on deck, aye, now that be a blessing.”

Hope just stared at her, wondering why Providence would so place this upon her, wondering what she had to deserve this fate…

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