Part 14

Part the Fourteenth: The Surge Upon the Deck

Despite Hope’s fears, the Raging Gale continued to turn to port, coming around to where her bow was now bearing down on the flyut’s stern.  More of the Gale‘s crew made their way fore, forcing their way between those already there with hooked ropes and blunderbusses.

As the two vessels came alongside each other, the men with blunderbusses fired on the Dutch ship.  Angry loud swarms of death blackened the deck of the flyut.  Anyone who was still been on deck and not wounded by the cannons was not spared the new assault. 

With no more opposition on deck, the grapplers brought the ships closer.  With skill that came from doing this many times before, the port side of the Raging Gale drew tight against her prey’s starboard, the grapplers holding fast as the rest of the crew swarmed aboard. 

The pirates’ cries were more like dogs going after game than men going for treasure. Hope could not help but shudder at the sound.

Nor could she avoid being caught up in the crowd that surged for the other vessel.  Unable to stop these men so she could pass, she went with the crowd as it claimed its prize, and found herself on the deck of the Dutch ship.

Thoughts raced through Hope’s mind; could she turn finding herself aboard the assaulted Dutch flyut to her advantage?  Perhaps the Dutch would repulse the pirates, and she could find some way to stay aboard with them.  Surely they would be willing to see her back on her way home.

Alas, the ideas were dying as gruesomely as the Dutch crew who were trying to fight off the pirates.  The pirates fought like demons as they hacked limbs and skewered torsos of every man they encountered.  Cries of pain filled the air as the pirates brought suffering to any man who would stand against them. 

Hope moved with the surging crowd onto the flyut’s deck, the pirates around her slaughtering anyone within reach.  She felt the warmth of Dutch blood flow through her clothes onto her skin, though she could barely look down to see how her body was now colored red from the wounds of the dying.

“No quarter!  No quarter!” yelled Osei as the pirates swarmed the decks.  The fire in his eyes scared Hope as she saw him urge man after man onward to engage in slaughter; such deep violence in an individual seemed so against all she knew as she watched him sending men over.

A loud blast and a great cry came up as the cabin door burst open and Dutch men with muskets volleyed into the pirates.  Blood from felled pirates splattered Hope as the Dutch gave their own surge.

Geen kwart! Geen kwart!” a man in their midst shouted as those around him readied their swords to meet the pirates in hand-to-hand.  As terrible as Osei’s eyes had been, the gaze in the look of the Dutch captain was worse.

Hope found herself in a small clear space between the pirates and the Dutch.  Most certainly, she felt that in the rage of killing both were capable of when they advanced, she would fall to their blind fury with only casual consideration…

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