Part 291

Part the Two Hundred Ninety First: The Crux of the Plan

Hope took a moment to gather herself before she continued with her plan for doing in the Casa.  She carefully considered what she was going to say, and how the crew would react to it.

She grabbed a brief moment to consider her options should this not go well, and went ahead with what little she had…

“There is the matter of setting it off,” she finally said, trying to keep her voice steady.  “As you have all noted, it is of concern that the timing be right, that we make sure that not only does she go off, but that she does so when it is most opportune.

“While we will certainly need a fuse, I rather imagine that one we could just light and place on the charge while we sail off would be difficult to pull off.  I do not doubt our ability, or our resourcefulness, but with the small amount of time we have before the Casa heads to open water we just do not have the luxury of being able to guess how best to make this work.

“To that end, there is only one way to make sure that our powder will do what it must.  It will require a steady hand, ready at the right moment to light the fuse when the charge is optimally positioned.  We would only need a simple fuse, one that would light the powder moments after being lit, which I am certain we can rig as we collect our charge and ready it for placing against the galleon.”

She paused long enough to let them realize where she was going, to try and soften the blow.

“We will need that,” she continued, “as well as someone placed with the charge to set it off at that moment.”

There was no immediate response to that revelation, so she pressed on:

“Of course, I could not ask any of you to do what I would not, nor will I.  If anyone is to take on this labor, it must be me.”

She could guess who was responsible for the gasps she heard from the back of the crowd…

“But- but that’s…” Samuel said as he stepped forward, “that would be suicide!”

She smiled on the inside, glad to hear his objections to her taking such a risk as well, but tried not to show her happiness for fear of losing her nerve.

“I am not afraid,” she replied, “nor am I going to be damned fool enough to try to die in the process.  With a few careful considerations and some luck, I expect all of us to be sailing from here free from fear.”

“And what does that entail, if I may ask?”

By the time Hope finished explaining the plan, Samuel and Charity were a good deal more relieved.

And the suggestions from the others on how to improve it gave Hope reason to believe that here chances of surviving this were in fact as good as she claimed they were…

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