Part 268

Part the Two Hundred Sixty Eighth: The Silent Evil

Hope wanted him to say something.

She stared into the eyes of Baron De Colera, defiant in her gaze, hoping to upset him with a display of insolence.  If this was going to be the moment of her death, she hoped that at least he’d betray some reaction to her.

She tried to smolder in defiance, to let him know that if the game was truly up that she wouldn’t go down that easily.  All the escapes, the engagements with the Casa del Sol where the Gale ran and kept out of his reach, she wanted to hold that up to him.  She wanted to remind him that there were far too many times before now when they would still be out there after they traded volleys, that it had to take him this long before he had her in his grasp.

She hoped that everything she had done to him, the cargoes seized, the illicit trades that she had taken, that he’d feel the need to react in anger.  To see him burning in hate, maybe slightly afraid as he confronted her, would be a fine way to die…

When he was close enough, his sole reaction was to look her over with a few quick darts of his eyes.  Everywhere his eyes landed on her body it felt like he touched her there, prodding her like a ship’s master inspecting his cargo before it was loaded into the hull.  She stood her ground, resisting the urge to move her hands over each spot he spied, not wanting to give him the satisfaction she wanted from him…

The prodding with his eyes, she decided, would be borne better if he would just say something as he did it.

Say something, dammit!

When he did react, it was with a half-curl on his lips.  Was it a half-kiss, or a sneer of disgust?  She wondered, left in the dark by his silence…

One damn word!  That’s all she wanted, something beyond silence…

Abigail coughed at their feet.  Both of them looked down at her.

“H-hey,” she said, trying to smile, “su bolas vemos muy pequeños de aqui, ye bastard…”

He moved too quickly for Hope; with his free hand, de Colera shoved her hard to the ground while the pistol in his hand was quickly aimed and fired.

The blast filled her ears, louder than a full broadside by the Gale’s four pounders.

The ringing from the pistol shot was complimented by Abigail’s cry of pain.  She’d never heard her captain, her friend, make such a noise as this before.

She turned to stare at de Colera, silent save for the second explosion…

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