Part 229

Part the Two Hundred Twenty Ninth: To Take and Seize Her!

Hope smiled, trying not to betray her worry about Dell’s fingers tracing over her thighs, going where they shouldn’t…

Trying to keep her gaze locked on his eyes, without betraying what she was thinking, she moved under his hand slightly to keep his fingers from being where they shouldn’t be.

She gave a quick glance at Charity, who so enwrapped Little with her charms and attention that he was unable to look away from her, almost afraid to touch her for fear of breaking the spell of the silent siren song that he was under.

Hope took a quick breath and went with her only card, small talk.  She asked Dell, “Have you been with this ship for long?”

“Close to a year, aye,” he replied.

“I would think that you’ve been to many ports.”

“A few.  Barbados, Jamestown Nevis, Antigua, uh-”

Hope stopped him before he ran through his itinerary and got too lost in thought, asking, “And the women in these ports?  What did you find?”

“Um, well… Why?”

“Were they,” Hope tried to sound more engaged as she asked, “like us?  As pretty, as inviting?”

Dell gave a slight smile; she took only slight comfort in getting him more interested in her.

“I think I can only answer that,” he said with a slight animal-like growl, “after I’ve had a taste of what there is in Port Royal.”

She laughed.  “Speaking of taste, I could use some more there,” she said as she reached for the wine and faked a few sips.

“So what do you have for me?” he asked with narrowed eyes.

Hope smiled as she passed the jug to his lips, helping him to draughts of wine to the point where it drizzled out the corners of his mouth.

His fingers started to roam again, softer and distracted this time …

She heard a faint splash off starboard, then another.  She gave Charity a quick glance before she nuzzled closer to Dell.

As she blew softly into his ear, she put her hand under her skirt to find that special place…

Dell’s expression went from longing to alarm as she stepped back and drew from its concealed spot tied to her thigh a flintlock pistol.  She leveled it at his head, the barrel mere inches from his nose.

She smiled as she saw that Charity had succeeded as well, her dagger edge against Little’s throat, ready to slit it if he moved.

“Gentlemen,” Hope said, happy to be rid of the pretense, “so long as you do as you are told, this will end well for you both.  Be ready to do as we say as we take your ship out of port.”

“Take our ship?” asked Little, carefully lest he slice himself.  “How are you two going to do that if we refuse to give you a hand?”

At that, the thud of the grappling hooks off starboard announced the rest of her crew coming aboard from the boat they rowed up to the Swallow.

“I think we have that covered, thank you,” she replied.  “Now listen carefully as I instruct you how to survive this night…”

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