Part 94

Part the Ninety Fourth: Se Agarra El Brigantine



By the time the Raging Gale’s crew had cleared their decks and surged aboard the brigantine, the day was clearly theirs.  The other vessel’s remaining compliment did not resist; not enough men were left alive to sail her, let alone fight off an angry pirate crew.


The speed with which the other crew surrendered made some of the Gale’s compliment laugh.  A few of the yielding seamen seemed to Hope as wounded by the laughter as they would have been by an axe swipe.  One of the surrendering sailors had to be held back by his comrades when he wanted to start up the fight again after the taunting. 


Andrews laughed again and taunted, “Aye, we had ye down and ready.  Ye should have been ready to kiss us if we did what we wanted to ye.”


Bastardo asqueroso del cerdo!” the sailor responded.


“I bet ye would have screamed like a girl when we did it, and enjoyed every minute of it too.”


The taunted sailor roared as he tried to surge forward, his mates holding him back from mindlessly charging straight into the point of Andrews’ outstretched knife.


Andrews gave a wide smile to his bullied captive, which he tried to share with the rest of the crew.  He stopped smiling when he noticed Captain Sanders’ glower.


She gave him a few seconds worth of her silent disapproval before she turned to the captives and demanded, “Estoy exigiendo la entrega de este recipiente por su amo.”


The man who came forward was draped in Cordovan finery, his attention to his appearance more exacting than Hope had seen anyone practice since leaving England.  He seemed not so much worried for his life as annoyed to be here under these circumstances.


Tómelo, tómelo,” he said with his hand waving it away.  “No es digno de mi vida para defender sus cargos.


De quién cargo es éste?” Sanders asked.


Estoy en el camino a Santiago, en el servicio de Barón de Colera.


“De Colera,” said Sanders under her breath.  “Mister Osei,” she commended, “provision these men with four day’s worth of stores, the bare necessities, and set them in their launch.  The current from here should take them to Cuba before they’re desperate.  Mister Samuels, how many crew can you save from their wounds?”


“I can save four, ma’am,” he replied, “though I fear it’s too late for the eight others.”


“All things considered, we did better than expected,” said Sanders.  “What of the hold?  What have we down there?”


“Most of it are common goods with a few luxuries,” said Campbell.  “The best of it is a rack of muskets, rather fancy in barrel etching but useable.”


“No wonder the Spaniard cared not for his cargo,” said Sanders.  “Anything else?”


“Their stores are plenty.  They have lots of dried meats, plenty of wine, and three hogsheads of water that’s still good-”


“HURRAH!” exclaimed Hope, leaping.


She only realized how she looked after she landed when she saw the crew staring at her…

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