Part 121

Part the One Hundred Twenty First: Hope Helps Charity Find Release




Hope found herself quite steady even before she sipped from her nipperkin of palm wine.  Unlike the Blue Dolphin, which was closed after the fight and the discovery of the body out back hours before, the common room of the Étoile Marine seemed cozier, more like someone’s home than a place of business.


Hope wondered if that made what she did that much easier to accomplish, and whether it would help her with what she was about to do…


Charity entered the inn just as Hope finished her sip.  She spied Hope and slowly approached, taking a seat opposite her only after she nodded that it was allowed.


“When you left me on the beach,” said Charity, “you said you needed to think about things.”


“Yes, I did,” said Hope.  “I had to consider what you said about how you feel, your desires, and what I could offer you.”


“And did you think about what I said?”


“Carefully.  I know you are feeling these deep… lusts in you, and that I cannot find a way to return such feelings.  And I also considered one piece of advice I got when I came ashore: ‘Do what you must and do not worry about why.’  So, I know what must be done.”


“So does that mean…” Charity’s face lit up.


“It means I have to do something to assuage your desires if we are ever to spend time together.  While I cannot be with you that way, I do value you, all you have done and are willing to do, and I could not bear being in the New World without you beside me.”


“Hope,” Charity finally answered, “I too value your friendship, and am touched by your sentiments.  But I do not see how my forts désires are going to be met with words and good thoughts alone.”


As Charity looked on, Elise came over with a striking blonde woman, close to Hope’s age. 


She nodded at Elise, who led the other woman over to Charity.  She stood behind Charity and started to run her hands down over Charity’s ears, working her way down to the shoulders, then lower…


Charity blinked in amazement as the other woman became affectionate.  “You would do this…”


Hope just nodded.


“But could any woman really be un remplacement for you?  Even if she were twice what you are…”


As Charity’s words were swallowed in the kiss from the other woman, Elise turned to Hope and said, “Did I not say that this might happen, given what you told me of her?”


Hope sighed and placed a large handful of doubloons on the table.


Elise picked them up and started to shower her own affections on Charity. 


With two women now actively enticing her, Charity could only reply with short, sharp breaths.


Elise then took both of them by their hands, like a fawn leading off two shepherdesses, through a door to a side room.


Hope took a long drink of her palm wine, considering with wonder what just happened.  She thought of how she took care of the matter, and what she was willing to do to return Charity’s affections.


And she tried to stay calm at the realization that she just blew through the last of her booty for her…

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