Part 116

Part the One Hundred Sixteenth: Hope’s Prepared for Boarding



Hope struggled to get out of Andrews’ grasp. 


Every twist of her shoulders was met with his arms tightening, pulling her body closer into his.  She was surprised that he could use his jaw like a grappling hook, digging his head into where her neck met her shoulder, the pressure causing enough pain to numb her.


The more he pressed, Hope could feel Andrews behind her against her body in great intimate detail…


“Ah wa’t’d t’do this fra’ th’ star’,” Andrews said softly in her ear.  “Err since ye b’n aboar’ I wan’ t’be doin’ this.”


“Please, stop…” Hope said softly.


“Ah thou’ ‘bout you ‘n how you feel, ye taste-”


Hope made a disgusted squeal when she felt Andrews’ tongue lap at the corner of her mouth.


“On o’r ships, ye’d be had b’now. Ye’d be pass’d ‘roun’ to us, an’ we be hav’n ye.”


He tightened the pressure of his elbows on her midsection as his hand cupped her breast.  She stopped breathing as he squeezed.  His grip was too familiar; she relived again the act for which Osei admonished him the time she had too much to drink after the first encounter with the Casa.


“An’ now I g’t ye all t’meself,” he said as he gripped everything tighter.  “Jus’ you ‘n’I alon’, now.  Al’a  you, mine…”


Hope felt his lips and tongue on her ear before the tears started.  The bites his teeth left in her lobes felt sharp enough to leave holes for earrings.


He pulled her in closer, so close it made Hope squirm from the inside out.  She could feel bits of Andrews behind her that she would rather have never even thought of…


She bent forward over the edge of the tub, enough to start pitching fore, then flung herself back with great desperate violence.  Hope felt his grip on her loosen, his elbows and chin releasing her body as his hands flew off.


Hope tried to make a run for it, back through the door and into the fight she fled.  The loud din of battles from inside sounded more comforting than scary now-


She got all of a step before Andrews’ hand grabbed her wrist.  He pulled hard, swinging her against the wall.


Before she could feel all the pain, Andrews smacked her face hard with the back of his hand.  Hope’s face twisted upward, the stinging pain numbing her.


“Er’s en’u’ of that, ye bi’ch!” Andrews spat out as he grabbed her wrist and pinned it above her head against the wall.  “An’ more of’t an’ I be leav’n’ ye like a gut’d fish!”


Hope started to moan.  Some of it was the pain from the way Andrews hurt her, but more was the fear of what was going to happen next.


Part of her thought dying right here and now would be better than what would happen next if she didn’t resist…


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