Part 28

Part the Twenty Eighth: The Coming of the Casa

The crew of the Raging Gale seized everything they could take aboard from the captured galleon.  As Campbell and van Herck helped Osei oversee the transfer of the sugar aboard their ship, Andrews and Kelly raced around the galleon’s deck to go after the four hens the Spaniards had with them.  Some of the plunderers laughed as they watched the hens get the better of their pursuers, staying at least two paces ahead of them every time they tried to grab the fowl.

“Ye been good hosts to us,” said Captain Sanders to the Spaniards as the sugar barrels were hoisted aboard the brigantine.  “Gracias, los sires.”

One of the Spaniards said under his breath too loud to keep quiet, “Puta asquerosa.”

No que le aceptaría,” Captain Sanders replied with a sly smile, “apenas su plata.”  She gave a slight smile as the tip of her sword did a little circle in front of the defeated man.

The silver and eight of the barrels was stowed on the Raging Gale when Bosfelt, who had stayed atop the mainmast during the plunder called out, “Sail to port.”

“What see ye?” asked Captain Sanders.  “Mister Zoutman, give us another set of eyes,” she asked a member of her crew, a man with his long beard tied in a fork with the two prongs going halfway down his chest, who climbed the Gale‘s rigging at her request.

“She be at full sail,” said Zoutman from his position in the rigging of the foremast.  “Square, with a sun upon her.”

Hope saw Captain Sanders’ expression take on a concerned pail.  Hope followed her captain as Sanders quickly went to port on the Raging Gale and used her spyglass. 

“Sink me!” said Sanders when she lowered the spyglass.  “Cast off!  Get ye aboard now!” she commanded her crew.

“But we got only eight barrels stowed,” said Campbell.

“And the hen fruit-” said Andrews, who was winded and bathed in sweat from the futile chasing of the chickens.

“It means nothing if we stay,” said Sanders.  “That be the Casa itself out there.”

Hope worried that she was not feeling the same panic that went across the faces of her crew at the mention of this ‘Casa‘ to them.  Only Osei seemed not to be afflicted with wide eyes and a slight shiver, though he did bark orders to drop everything and cast off louder and faster than he’d been directing the men before.

Those who had lagged at first when the orders to disengage were given moved more sharply as crewman shared with crewman, “It’s the Casa!”  She watched as the name of this other ship drove the men on like a warning that the Angel of Death was walking on the waves towards them.

The way the crew was in a panic, Hope wondered if in fact he was coming for them…             

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 All content Copyright © 2008 James Ryan



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