Part 262

Part the Two Hundred Sixty Second: The Desperate Reunion

“Quickly, quickly,” Hope hissed at Samuel as he worked the key in the lock.

“Doing that will not be as quiet, mi querida,” Samuel grunted, “as what I’m doing now.”

Hope kept looking back and forth between the edge of the henhouse, where the rest of the crew were waiting just out of the lantern’s light, and the main house which showed no signs of responding to the rescue.

“Wait,” Hope said.  “What if there’s a guard inside?”


“What if they put a guard in there with Abigail to make sure she isn’t going anywhere?”

“And lock the door from the outside?” Samuel asked.

“Well, what if de Colera is of such a mind?  The way he thinks, who can say?”

“Listen very closely at the door for a second.”

Hope put her ear against it for a few moments, then relayed, “I don’t really hear anything.”

“Which means she must be alone-”

“Or dead!  Maybe I hear nothing because they did her in already and-”

Samuel grabbed her and held her.  “You’re shaking,” he noted.

“I guess I am.  I’m just nervous, on the verge of this rescue.  I don’t know what I’ll find when I get in there, or what happens when we meet up again with her.”

“Why don’t we just concentrate on what we’re doing and worry about it afterwards.  Your shaking is going to make everyone else nervous-”

“But I can’t help it.  It’s silly, and I know what I must do, but the thought of seeing her again after all this, and now after everything that’s happened, and what might have happened to her or what comes next bef-”

Samuel’s kiss completely stopped her shaky soliloquy as his lips forced themselves on hers.  The shock was so sudden, she needed a few seconds after he was finished to remember to breathe.

She found her voice just as Samuel finished opening the lock.  She pulled him around and asked, “But what about all the reasons not to do that?  The ones you gave aboard the Black Swallow?”

“I needed your silence, right then.  It was necessary to take drastic action for the sake of all our lives.”

“I should just keep talking more often…” she said to herself before she motioned the rest of the crew to follow into the henhouse.

There was barely enough light inside the building to make out any shapes before someone in the crew lit some picked grass from the edge of the building from the lantern for an impromptu torch and found a candle to light inside.

In the new light, Hope could make out Abigail on her side on the floor.  She was wearing a chemise that provided modest cover and a set of shackles chaining her wrists together and tethered to a chain bolted to the floor.

“Water! Quickly, someone!” Hope snapped as she bent over her captain and cradled her off the floor.  “Speak to me.  Are you all right?”

Abigail turned her head to face her.  “Sink me,” she replied, with some crackling in her voice.  “Aren’t you a sight to see?  And you’re shaking, too.”

“We’ve come to get you out of here.”

“Damned good thing too, because if you were all joining me here, there’d not be enough room left over.”

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