Part 157

Part the One Hundred Fifty Seventh: Between the Head and the Heart



Hope only realized that Osei left her on the deck alone when Charity came along side her and said, “Taking in the sunset, I see.”


Hope sighed and turned to her to ask, “How do you define good?”


“Good, you ask?  That’s une étrange question, Ho-”


“Seriously, I beseech you, what do you point to and hold up as proof that a man or woman is good?”


“I admit, I almost went to a convent, but I never got there-”


Hope moved closer to Charity and pressed, “Hang all on thinking about whether someone could be moral!  How do you know they are good?  How do you decide in here,” she pumped her chest, “that you’re with a good person?”


“I…  I don’t… don’t think I’ve ever given it much thought.  I just… just listened to myself, permettre mon coeur s’entretenir, and that was it.”


“If all it is is just letting your heart speak, why does mine stay silent?”


Charity put her hand on Hope’s shoulder and asked, “Does it?  Have you not had good counsel in choosing whom to spend time with?”


“I don’t know.  To be truthful, I am among people guilty of horrible acts with whom I feel-”




“I feel much closer to them- to you, than to everyone I ever knew before I went to sea.  And I don’t know whether to- I don’t know how to feel about that.”


Charity took Hope’s other shoulder and said, “Is it that you’re not hearing your heart, or that it tells you something that troubles your head?”


“I…  I am among people of great character and fiber, yet when I find out more about them I feel that I should not want to be amongst them.  Or I would feel that, knowing nothing about them as I do now, but meeting them in person challenges my mind and leaves me in a place I find no comfort in.”


“Then I must ask:  Is it your heart that is defective, or your mind?”


Hope finally answered “I wish to God I knew the answer to that.  My life would be much less of a burden were I more sure.”


“There, there,” Charity hugged Hope.  “Just remember that I am here for you, and that I will be with you no matter what.  If you ever need counsel to mediate between head and heart, I am here for you.”


After a few moments, Hope asked, “Charity?”


“Yes, mon chere?


“Please remove your hand from that spot.”


“It’s a problem there?” she responded.


“Of that I am certain.”


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