Going On the Account: There’s a Good Reason to Be Afraid

This morning, we have one of the bigger Hey, wha…??!? moments of the year:

Today, the US Border is opening to travelers who must have proof of vaccination. This applies to everyone coming into the United States.

So, all foreigners visiting the US as of today must be vaccinated, with a few limited exceptions.

Just about all of them, easily in the high ninety percentiles, must be vaccinated.

To come to a country which as of this morning has only fifty-eight percent of its population fully vaccinated. At least two-thirds of us overall have had at least one dose, but that still means your odds are greater of being in the room with vaccinated people if everyone’s not from around here.

You can probably massage the odds if you choose your company based on their politics, but…

Must. Resist. Obvious. Comment.

Still, it’s a big “Time to pause and ask,” moment.

Hopefully, we will take a moment to do that, especially folks in the struggling hospitality industry, before people outside the US do it first and then ask, “Why bother?” before cancelling their trips here…

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