Going On the Account: Silent All These Years


Well, it feels like it was that long…


Why the radio silence?  Too many reasons.


Part of it was getting involved in a large project that needed a few re-writes.  If I were writing full time, this would have taken quite some considerable investment, and needing to do this during a time when things got busy, it sucked up a lot of time that might have been used to do the blog.  Which was a mistake, because not having something to share here actually stopped up teh gears without an outlet.


Part of it was not feeling I could contribute to some of the conversations that were going on.  The last big flap I tried to wade into, the Hachette-Amazon feud, came in the midst of trying to deal with lots of other swirling confusions, and from there it just got nuts.  Add to that the pains  was going through from what I had first thought was an old shoulder injury, that looks like it was actually spinal, and there were days I had to remind myself that yeah, I did have a blog, didn’t I…?


At least the pain’s manageable, for now.  I have to pick up some of the flack that fell off during that time, which means try and lose the few pounds I picked up when my activity level dropped, get back to work on the project, and more importantly, figure out how to speak up more.

On things like Kindle Unlimited, for instance.  Yeah, I know that “publish or perish” is an important concept, but somehow I don’t think anyone ever had this in mind…  If I have to divide a novel into smaller sequential pieces in order to take advantage of the new royalty rates, isn’t that going back to the days of Victorian serialized works that went on longer than need be to meet the per-word rate?  Not everyone thought that Peter Jackson needed to tell The Hobbit over three films, you know…


The big takeaway out of all this is, it’s time to pay more attention here.  I mean me, of course, but…

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