Going On The Account: Semper Fideles Quaniam Tempum…

I’m taking a little break between working on the new project and a few side pieces; I need to take a break as both the bigger piece and one of the smaller ones call upon my arcane knowledge in the dark arts of filking, and I’m starting to confuse the tune of one piece used with another, which is never a good thing…

In any event, as I killed time trolled sites surfed the Internet caught up on the news, I came across Brian Merchant’s assessment over at Motherboard of the US Department of Defense’s 2014 Quadrennial Review that discusses their planning for climate change.  To sum up what Brian points out, the effects of a changing climate cannot be ignored, and must be part of the strategic planning going forward.

Which is not entirely new over at the Pentagon.  The Schwartz-Randall report from October 2003 has been passed around over there for at least a decade. I have noted more than once that this report was the basis for Red Jenny, and to some extent the 2014 Quadrennial Review is proof positive that some of the suppositions in the novel involving the use of a military solution to the issue may actually be considered in future.  Granted, the new report is less bellicose in tone than the one issued 11 years ago, but administrations change, and a more desperate government anxious to grasp at such straws may well go that route.

The old cry, “May you live in interesting times,” is becoming more of a certainty as the heat trapping element particulate count rises in our atmosphere…

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