Going On The Account: Written Off

So, where was I during Blogtober 2013, aka NaBloWriMo, or whatever you want to call the NaNoWriMo protest?

No, I didn’t try and keep up with Sips of Jen and Tonic or Speaker7 this year.  I was working on doing some short pieces for professional consideration, building up my collection of rejection notices.  It kept me busy, off the street and out of some of the nastier watering holes.  And out of Walmart too, thankfully…


It gave me a chance to write, trying to avoid something that gets bad notices.  Although I have nothing to fear from BuzzFeed, not everyone is going to be as kind…  I also have the leisure because I’m not writing to deadline to re-examine my process, although I’m not going through the same trouble as Arnon Grunberg, getting all wired in like that…

Hopefully, I’ll soon have something to link to that in some small way makes me able to claim some professionalism, and maybe offset (however minuscule their payment) those looming college bills that Kido’s going to necessitate…

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